Sunday, February 27, 2011


When I was young and had my first children I did as I was told.

I had my children jabbed with a needle full of god-knows what  because the government said I should.

If I was instructed by the government, then it must be right, and so I did as I was told without question.
I was young, uninformed and stupid to do as I was told just because the government told me to.

Many years later when I understood who the government was, and how they made decisions (by the counting of votes and not by the quality of thinking) I realised that these things needed to be scrutinised, and that I had the right to make  my own decisions and should be responsible for my own actions.

At the same time my closest neighbour had a child, who very shortly after being immunised was diagnosed as being autistic (could have been a coincidence - who knows).

The screams emanating from that house were enough to make any parent take notice.

Shortly after that I had another child, and after reading up on the subject made an informed decision not to immunise.

If I had my child jabbed, and they had an adverse reaction, I would blame myself.
On the other hand If I didnt jab my child and it contracted a disease (many of which were on the decline before immunisations became prevalent due to better hygiene and nutrition) then I would blame myself.

You can say that you are damned if you do, and damned if you dont - make your choice and stand by it. We have become a nation of sheep, dependant on the thinking of others and not prepared to use our own intelligence and who have had our responsibilities as parents stolen from us by politicians with the best intentions, but no responsibilities.

Why should I take the word and do the bidding of others like Tony Ryall and Phil Shoemac etc over my own research and put my childrens lives at stake, when I am the one who has to pay the consequences.


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