Monday, February 14, 2011


I don't understand why you are all so surprised that bullying is so prevalent in society. We are constantly sending out mixed messages, and consent to having our children brainwashed into one minute thinking bullying is good, and the next it is bad!

To understand it, first you must ask the question "What is bullying?"

It is one person or a group of people using force on another to get what they want, and to make others do something they would not otherwise do!

Just the same as taxation is theft, then democracy and referendums are bullying - they are a wolf in sheeps clothing! Tax and referendum are alternative words given to an action to make gullible people think they mean something other than what they do.

Next time you are asked to vote in a referendum, take a moment to think about who you may be bullying, and why the biggest "gang" should be entitled to use force over the minority to get what they want.

The rights of the individual should not be up for the vote. Minorities have rights too. The use of force (in all of its guises) is the most uncivilised action one man can make against another. Bullying will continue to be a problem as long as you continue to teach our children that it is acceptable in society.


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