Monday, February 14, 2011

More tax will fix the problem . . . NOT!

Tony Farrell has come to the conclusion that tax increases on alchohol are the only way to solve the problem, and I disagree.

I think it is criminally negligent of the government-run education system that it does not include time teaching Milton Friedmans "Iron Law of Prohibition" in the curriculum, and Tonys solution a good example of why the government should NOT be in control of the education system.

Tony quotes "evidence from NZ Researchers."
Well, here are a few quotes from history:

More tax will not deter those who chose to drink excessively - It will only hurt their families who will end up with less money for essentials.

Higher taxes will have direct relation to increase in crime. ie if they cant afford to purchase what they want, they will steal money or alchohol.

It will put innocent peoples lives at risk - dairy owners, liquor outlets etc.
Those who still wish to drink may try making their own, of unknown and dangerouse ingredients/potencies.

Those really desperate will drink alternatives - meths, anti-freeze etc.
Higher prices will give a NEW monopoly to the gangs (they already have a lucrative business in drugs).

google "robberies for cigarettes" to see where all this is going.

Surely your idea of fixing the problem doesnt involves more of this, because thats what you are asking for.


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