Monday, February 14, 2011

More Library nonsense

So Simon Anderson says the city needs to go under the scalpel - I could not agree more  - However, this is where people without principles come unstuck.

Simon will quite cheerfully lop off some of the things that you want, but moans and wails when the council threaten to chop off something that she wants.

How about the council supply nothing (other than essential services, which they could then do justice to). Reduce your rates by 75 percent, and let you spend your money on the things you want, and others spend it on what they want.

All those do-gooders and busybodies wringing their hands saying that a library is a necessity and less-fortunate people will not be able to afford them - will have plenty of money left to donate to the cause, or even spend their time in a productive fashion by volunteering to work at the library instead of using their time complaining and demanding that other people pay for the things they want  - shame on them.

Do not get me wrong - I love libraries - only it is the way immoral and un-principled people demand they be funded is what I do not agree with.


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