Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Childrens lives at risk in P manufacture houses

Q: Why do people put their childrens lives at risk by making P at home?

A: Because they cant purchase it anywhere else

Q: Why?
A: Because its illegal.

Q: Who makes it illegal?
A: The Government

Therefore it is the Governments fault. THEY are responsible for putting these childrens lives at stake - so blame them.

But to carry this argument closer to its conclusion . . .

QWho votes for the government?
A: Oh, thats right - YOU! - so its YOUR fault (If you voted for any of the main political parties that is).

People who want to take drugs will do so regardless of whether they are legal or illegal - they will get them one way or another (as proven by their willingness to put their families lives at risk by making them at home)

I ask the question:
Would these people who take the Extremely dangerous drug P, still take it if they could get a Safer alternative? (All drugs are dangerous - just some more dangerous than others)

They quite happily put other peoples lives at risk (their childrens, and also the people they steal and rob for the ingredients) and then they manufacture P in dangerous locations, with harmful ingredients to unknown potency, in unhygenic conditions because they cannot purchase safer, cleaner, less harmfull alternatives.

I believe it is our culture of USING FORCE on other people to make them comply with what WE personally think they should or should not be doing, instead of minding our OWN BUSINESS which is to blame.

Further more, this situation will continue until we change our ways.

If people commit a crime against others, then lock them up, but there is no such thing as a crime against yourself.

OK, I can expand on my argument further . . .

Why do you insist drugs are made illegal?
Because they are dangerous, and people who take drugs are a burden on our HEALTH [sic] SYSTEM.

They are only a burden on it because you insist government should be responsible for them.

How about teaching people the necessity of being responsible for their OWN healthcare instead of giving them a false sense of security and leading them to believe the GOVERNMENT will look after them.

In the last few years society has made it almost Unacceptable Not to have a CELL PHONE
Who says it cannot be made unacceptable not to have private health care also?
( - stop forcing us to pay for the government system and we would have money to do it with)

People who DONT have a cell phone obviously do not CARE about the consequences of not having one - what do you want to do? - FORCE THEM to have one?

Same for healthcare.

The majority of New Zealanders would understand the necessity of having healthcare insurance, leaving the few who Do NOT care about their health to be looked after by charity.

The answer is in EDUCATION - not Mindless FORCE

Its time to change our culture - this one has been failing and holding us back for far too long


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