Sunday, February 27, 2011

Max Mason - career bureaucrat

The present political mentality of Kiwis dictates that what Max Mason says is true: ie people moving here and demanding rates be left low need to accept they (high rates) are part of the  population problem.

This however does not need to be fact.

It is solely due to people like yourself who demand council “do this - do that,” and “What is the council going to do about the other,”  etc that ensure its perpetuity.

In effect, you are poking yourself in the eye with a sharp stick, and then complaining that it hurts.

The solution is simple - If it hurts, stop doing it!

If you were only to wean yourself off the council dependancy and make room for private enterprise to provide the things you want (thats how the law of supply and demand works) You will have everything you want at no expense and no responsibility should it go belly-up.

The reason we have this situation is because there are too many busy-bodies (the likes of Max Mason) who know whats best for you and how and what you should spend your money on, and whats more they think they have the right to demand you do it (oh, and it pays to keep them employed and free from having to do a job that actually creates something worthwhile - ie something people actually WANT and will purchase free of compulsion).

It is their addiction to ganging up with likeminded people and demanding council force others to do things “they” demand which ensures the problem wont go away.

These minority (whos rights you have just abused) are the ones who complain (as they have every right to).


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