Monday, April 25, 2011

Bind and Gag Tauranga Ratepayers so there's no resistance

Here is my reply to a very condescending letter in the BOP Times by Shane Kennedy asking that people do not moan about the Linley Dodd sculptures being erected in Tauranga.

He says that Rates won't fund the statues (apparently that has already been decided). Excellent. The negativity has been addressed, so lets move on to the positives and stay firmly planted there.

He states that the project, which is destined to become one of Taurangas greatest (I agree) is underway, and in good hands with  Creative Tauranga involved (by the way, aren't they a Ratepayer-Funded organisation?)

He says "My message is one of total support for those working hard to make it happen, and a request for the citys serial moaners to leave this one alone.. Dont write about it. Put away your calculator, and for councillors to show a little more courage and participate in making them happen.

Council do not need to be encouraged to rape and pillage ratepayers. They do so at every conceivable opportunity. More through ignorance of property rights, and non-adherence to principles that don’t contravene them, but Shane Kennedys’ letter  cannot be left unchallenged. 

Not only does Shane encourage council to continue their rape and pillage, but recommends ratepayers are bound and gagged to ensure they get away with this uncivilised behaviour!

What kind of society have we fostered when people who should know better can only think of using force and bully tactics on their neighbours to get things they want? The irony is that Kennedy calls for negative measures (force) to achieve a community benefit. Only tyrants and despots use force to try and boost community spirit, and history dictates it doesn’t work!

Hairy McLairy sculptures are a fantastic idea - spoilt only by those who would use the most uncivilised act known to man, upon others. If passionate, community-minded individuals like Shane spent as much effort in positive ways instead of (albeit unwittingly) in immorral ways, such community benefits would be the sweeter. Put my name down for fundraising, but I will fight - like Scarface Claw - immorral acts of force.

These things will be a great community assett. However, it is wrong to achieve them through the immoral act of slavery (force and coercion).

Don't the socialists just HATE it when people put up resistance, or question their demands for council or government to use FORCE on others to deliver to them things they want?
These things may be of benefit to the community, and for the so called "greater good" but they do not see the irony in their demands!

The irony of course being:
They call for negative actions to achieve a positive outcome (which defeats the purpose to me)

They wish to achieve community spirit by acts of force (slavery)

They not only wish to applaud somebody or something that THEY think is worthy, but they wish to force OTHERS to acknowledge that also, regardless of whether they agree or disagree.


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