Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Darwin Awards contender from Tauranga

I am sure student Robert Moore is a nice young man, but you can also add a few other adjectives to that description, like stupid, irresponsible, and now Bossy, controlling and dictatorial!

Unless Robert has been on another planet his previous 23 years, he would be aware that anything that alters the state of your mind is not good for you, yet of his own free will he chose (against the manufacturers recommendations) to binge on Kronic.

Doing anything in excess will have an effect on your body - try eating a whole packet of sugar-free lollies that are readilly available from the counter at service stations and see what happens! - Its not pleasant!

My mood changes after I binge on a block of chocolate.

Do not consider talking to my wife before she has had a cigarette in the morning, and my grandmother is a tyrant until she has had a cup of tea.

So now, because of his own irresponsible actions, he wishes to prevent others from enjoying something - lets hope he is not a student of politics.

I do not take recreational drugs.

I do not like their effect on me. Plus as a rule of thumb, I find that you dont get addicted to them if you dont put them in your mouth!

I ask the question: Why does Robert think it is right or acceptable to deny other more responsible people from doing something because you chose not to heed the manufacturers warnings? Because you personally chose to do something to the exteme

If Robert had stuck a knife in the electricity socket (which I'm sure he wouldn't as he would have been warned of the dangers) would he instead be calling for a ban on electricity?

Robert is a product of the poor and untruthful education and demonisation of drugs in this country. All drugs are dangerouse - some more than others. Putting them all in the same category (ie illegal) just encourages abuse.

Personally I think Robert is a contender for the Darwin Awards for not using his brain for the purpose it was designed.


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