Friday, April 01, 2011

Tauranga Tsunami Sirens

There has been a lot of hand-wringing in Tauranga about the lack of tsunami warning sirens.
An article on the Weekend Sun (link below) prompted me to write this letter.

Where is the warning system to alert us that there are looters and bludgers about? People who pester and hassle the council to get them to force other people to "do" and "pay" for things they want, or find important.

They are more of a threat to our everyday lives and property than any tsunami.

Warning sirens for the coastal area are yet another example of the "What's the Council going to do about it!" syndrome.

Council dont have the monopoly on saving your life! Council won't drown in a tsunami - you will!

If you value your life (and you should - it is your most valuable posession) then its time to stop passing the buck to somebody who loses nothing if you lose your most valuable posession and do something about it - and I dont mean complain to the council.

People in the danger zone should get together, form a committee, do some fundraising and organise something ASAP.

They don't because Council/bureaucrats have taken responsibility for their lives, and personally I wouldn't trust the council/bureaucrat with the life of a hampster, let alone my most valuable posession.

If you wait for the council to "do something about it" (it is "your" life that is in danger remember) you'll be washed out to sea and drown - Try complaining and asking "What's the Council going to do about it"  then!

We have cultivated and encouraged a life of council and government dependancy and it is sickening to observe the looters and bludgers
wringing their hands and complaining. If you were to spend as much energy doing something constructive as you do demanding "What's the Council going to do about it!,"  you would have 100s of the bloody things by now!


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