Monday, May 23, 2011

Tall Popp[y-choppers alive and well in Tauranga

As is the tendency of all good socialists, Bruce Little manages to overlook one minor fact in his letter complaining about the pier that the Kestrel Restaurant was moored to on the Tauranga Waterfront.

That in order for the council to steal money from its citizens (oops I mean tax), first of all they must be able to earn money. This little inconvenience is achieved by the productive of our society - ie if money is not first created, then there is nothing for council to steal (I mean tax).

The little monument to commercial narcisism as he snidely calls it was an attempt to create commerce and income - not only for the entrepreneur, but for others employed in the area.  Without adventurous, nacisistic entrepreneurs, people like Bruce Little probably wouldn’t have a job. This was a private speculation and would have been undertaken at no expense to ratepayers, and should be encouraged at every opportunity - not denigrated by the choppers of tall poppies.

The council are parasites on the backs of the productive. They create nothing. The more commercial narcisism undertaken means less that council have to steal from ratepayers, forcing them to pay for things some do not wish to pay for.

I may not like everything developers build, but I don’t have to pay for them, as opposed to council forcing ratepayers to pay for things like them or not.


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