Friday, August 05, 2011

Don't vote - it only encourages them

This is my letter in response to a letter complaining about the poor voting turnout in Tauranga

I disagree with Colin Marshal on the subject of voting.

I do not vote for people I disagree with.

I refuse to give my permission to un-principled people to do things I disagree with, and when propositioned to chose between a poke in the eye or a punch on the nose I chose neither. They are going to give me one of them regardless, so why should I make them feel justified in doing it by giving them my permission?

Dont lose sight of the fact that the best of 2 evils is still evil!

Those people who do chose to vote, are part of the problem instead of part of the solution.
I disagree with giving other people the right to chose what I can and cannot do with my own money and property.

I do not agree to them taking whatever portion of my wages they chose to spend on things I disagree with. I do not agree with mob rule (ie the biggest gang wins) it is immorral and corrupt.

It is time to learn the meaning of the words property rights and the rights of the individual, but while your life and property are up for grabs there will be plenty out there happy to vote themselves a share of it.


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