Friday, August 05, 2011

Labour Partys ENVY Tax

If you ever needed a reason to avoid the Labour Party like the bubonic plague, then here it is

Labours new flagship policy under Phil Goof is the iniquitous Capital Gains Tax, which sums up their immoral philosophy for me!

Goof wants to penalise Kiwis for being successful and for making plans for their future.

He wants to steal the money you earn through your industry and intelligence, and give it to those who have no respect for either!

Goof wants to give incentive to those who are not interested in saving for their future, which will guarantee New Zealand future generations relying on the state for their livelihood.

Labour are out to persuade you (using force) that Aesops fable about the ant and the grasshopper is wrong, and that the Little Red Hen was a crazy little clucker for working hard when all she had to do was to vote for the party who would force the others do the work, and then just eat “their” cake.

Labour want to bribe the lazy and unproductive to vote for them, with money they steal from the productive.

The more kiwis they bribe into receiving free money, the more they will need to tax the productive to pay for it (legalised slavery anyone?)


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