Friday, August 05, 2011

Larry Baldock at it again

I have almost never agree with the unprincipled politics of Larry Baldock, and I am speechless at his latest outburst accusing the regional council of acts of communism!
I wonder if he has ever heard the saying “The pot calling the kettle black!”

Cr Baldock has no idea of the meaning of the words individual and property rights (the opposite of communism). Philosophically, Larry is the antithesis of these things yet he has the nerve to come out with something like this - unbelievable!

Larry is an advocate of democracy ie the biggest gang get to vote away the rights of the smallest gang (the smallest gang being the individual)

If there ever was a politician that needs to learn the meaning of the above words, not to mention the importance of basing your decisions on a set of principles, then it is Mr Baldock.

The hypocrisy is outstanding, and if you ever ask yourself why we are in the mess we are in, it’s due to people like this who make decisions on feelings and public opinion - enforced with threats and force - where minorities (individuals) are stripped of their rights and property (as in communism) as opposed to upholding individual and property rights.
Larry undoubtably only wants what is best - its just his concept of how to achieve it is morally and philosophically flawed!


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