Friday, August 05, 2011

Letter in response to a fan of Phil Goofs Capital Gains Tax

What Mr Izett and I really disagree on is “The Use Of FORCE”and Property Rights.

Mr Izett has a severe case of ENVY and despite having had the same opportunity as others to accumulate wealth he has opted not to, and now wants to snatch a bit of what others have had the fortitude to acquire.

He says “Why should the wealthy get richer because they are clever with the money that they earn?
If that is his argument, then lets apply it in reverse! Why should those NOT wealthy benefit from NOT being clever with the money they earn (or are given - free of charge from the work of others).

For many, being wealthy can be put down to hard work, innovation in business, sacrifice (ie going without while they save) and taking risks.

Being wealthy is not some made up god-given right - it is EARNED - .

Just because other countries have it doesnt mean our country of sheep should follow suit.

A country cannot TAX itself out of debt and into prosperity- that is like standing in a bucket and trying to lift yourself up with the handle - IMPOSSIBLE.

Phil Goof is attempting to LEGALISE ROBBERY, attempting to BRIBE those WITHOUT to vote for him by offering them a share of what other people WORK FOR. He, and all those who vote for this immoral system should be ashamed of themselves


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