Monday, August 08, 2011

BOP Times editor lives in a parallel universe

Who needs Phone Tapping when you can get your information living in a parallel universe!

The editor of the Bay of Plenty times jubillantly states in his editorial (and whose opinion also features in the inappropriately titled “Our View column) “now that the legal high Kronic has been banned and made illegal, New Zealand is now safer place for everyone!”

I can't help but wonder if he means the same New Zealand that I live in, or if he is referring to one in a parallel universe somewhere? I say that because the likelihood that either of those two things being possible is just a fantasy!

In the New Zealand that I live in, criminals have just been handed another product to add to their business ventures.

Another product to sell and manufacture at inflated prices, without hygenic packaging, health warnings, hygenic manufacturing processes, standards or regulated dosages.

Now those who chose this kind of recreational product (over one that nanny says is acceptable) will become criminals. Now those on lower incomes will have to spend more to get what they want, manufacture their own, or steal money or property, to be able to afford to purchase things which have been artificially inflated by the government.

Instead of educating people not to do stupid things to themselves, nanny would rather place innocent New Zealanders lives at risk.

Instead of protecting your lives, she has now put you in danger, and responsible people penalised for  the actions of others.

The result of saving people from acts of stupidity is to fill the world with fools, and the beehive is full of them.

But then again,Nanny likes it that way - it ensures you keep her in a job.


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