Sunday, October 07, 2012

Herbal Highs

Front page news in the BOP Times today states: Herbal High makes kids psychotic.

Here is my letter to the editor on the subject


If people were not forced to seek alternative, man-made alternatives to recreational drugs, perhaps they would not resort to P or K2 and other so called “herbal Highs” (which are only herbal in they are vegetable matter - sprayed with a man-made chemical.)

Perhaps if people were to mind their own business and stop being everybody's nanny, telling them what they can and cannot do with their lives, bodies and income this would not be an issue.

If they were to admit the ineffectual squillion dollar war on drugs makes criminals of people who are hurting nobody but themselves, and only leads them to commit crime in order to fund something they could otherwise pick in their own garden, or purchase from a chemist.

If they were prepared to educate others on the dangers of drugs instead of use force on them (the most uncivilised action one human can enact upon another - a crime in itself) things would be different.

I don’t condone cannabis or recreational drug use, but I respect peoples right to take them if they chose - I don’t believe in victimnless crime.

This is front page news created by you who insist on giving permission to big government to interfere in your personal lives. You have created your very own Frankenstein, just so you can have something to be outraged over - I would laugh if the situation was not so dire.


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