Monday, December 25, 2006

Nanny State

First our government “protectors” take away the rights
of property owners to decide whether they will allow guests
to smoke in their restaurants and other private business
establishments. Now, before the smoke has even had a chance
to clear, they are turning their attention to
what we choose to eat. Soon there will be no activity that
“free” Kiwi adults can engage in that will not
require the prior approval of nanny state bureaucrats.

“Junk” science infects much of the information reported
about the harmful effects of many things we do. Whether
it’s global warming, silicone breast implants, second-hand
smoke, or the types and amounts of fats we ingest, the fact
remains that much of the data is inconclusive. But that
doesn’t stop those with an agenda to micromanage the daily
lives of their fellow citizens.

Should we prohibit working as a convenience store clerk at
night? Or perhaps no one should be allowed to be a
firefighter. After all, these jobs are definitely more
dangerous than bartending in a smoke-filled lounge.

So now, from the people who would have you believe that
secondhand smoke is worse than ACTUAL smoking, comes the war
on trans-fats. What will be the next project of the junk
science crowd? Banning cell phones because of the risk of
brain cancer? Banning vaccinations of children because of
the risk of autism? Banning genetically modified food? There
is always some scientific “data” to justify any such
action—not necessarily credible data, but that hasn’t
stopped anyone so far.

In a free society, people should be able to make their own choices
regarding how much risk they are willing to take when
engaging in any activity. Independent organisations should
be free to make information available to the public
regarding risks and benefits—but they must not be allowed
to make the decisions for the people.

Each individual is unique. One person may judge the
risk/benefit ratio of a particular behavior to be more
favorable than might another person. And they both may be
right—for themselves, as individuals. In a free society,
people decide what risks they are willing to take—so long
as they do not infringe on the rights of others. And in a
free society, people accept the consequences of bad choices
that they make.

“Freedom” doesn’t mean you get to vote on who gets to
be your master. Freedom means you are your own master.
Freedom means autonomy and personal responsibility.

The “free” nations of the West continue down the
slippery slope to tyranny or the “Nanny State.” Whatever name you give it, the fact
remains that people are not free when their choices are
proscribed by committees of well-intended busybodies who
are, after all, no more omniscient than the people they
chose to control.

While our leaders sound the alarm about international
terrorism that threatens “our very way of life,” a more
stealthy threat to our way of life continues to eat at our
society from within. We must tell these dangerous busybodies
to mind their own business—before it’s too late.

Jeffrey A. Singer

Friday, December 22, 2006

More Mindless Museum Mania Makes Me Mad

You may have noticed by the number of posts I have made on this subject, that it is something about which I am quite incensed.
The outcome of this museum debacle is obvious! The councillors are making it look like they are doing the democratic thing, while all the time have already made the decision to go ahead with it - they are just going through the motions to make it look good. If we dont have a council or should I say RATEPAYER funded museum withing the next few years I will be extremely surprised

If Western Bay District Councillor Michael Jones is the successful businessman he claims to be, and the inevitable Tauranga City Council ratepayer funded museum is a great business opportunity, then I suggest he put his money where his mouth is!
If it were such a great money-making business opportunity, entrepreneurs would be queuing up from around the world by now. Their absence is a sure-fire sign that it is an impending albino elephant!
I guess it is a great business opportunity if you do not have to personally earn the money to pay for it, or be responsible for paying the money back if the project does not pay its way.

It is a great opportunity if the money is taken by force from a bunch of sitting ducks who have no choice in the matter to fund a project only a percentage of them are happy to be part of.

I would LOVE a museum - one privately owned, run and funded by private enterprise, as only such a museum is capable of being run successfully (that means at a profit!) for it would be in the investors interest to do everything in their power to make it happen.
I am also concerned that only about 3% of the artifacts in storage would make it into the $25 million museum. That means that the cost of storing the other 97% would be virtually the same as what it costs NOW - another additional cost. Here are some of my thoughts on the situation. Re-open the Historic Village.

Hire out the buildings to private businesses (for heaven-forbid, a profit!)
Into these building build secure display storage to house the artifacts, then people going in to the shops would be able to view them. Not only would they be on display, but they would be secure, and insured. Some of the premises would be hired out to hobbyists, or special interest groups like historical societies, blacksmiths, printers, knitting groups, carpentry, Literary and library groups. Traditional home-making and cooking classes doing preserves and honey and cakes, breads and biscuits etc. Singing groups, Art groups and lessons etc. Maori groups to work in and put on performances, displays, shows, story telling, flax weaving classes, blanket making, carving Language and traditional Maori stuff etc. They could get together and co-ordinate the shows in line with tourist ships and groups etc, and share the advertising costs.

The possibilities are ENDLESS.
A more modest building could be constructed to house much of the rest of the collection in a more passive or traditional display, paid for by donations, and volunteers with fundraising by historical and Maori groups, jaycees, Lions, and all those COUNCILLORS and MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC who are so keen to force others into paying for what THEY want. This place would be a bit like DISNEYLAND, what with the rides and the shops and the crafts and shows and displays etc The shops and Live displays give ANOTHER PURPOSE for the museum. Instead of just relying on people going to look at old stuff, there are gifts, shops and entertainment. All of these things could be done at NO EXPENSE to the ratepayers - in fact the council could even start receiving a RETURN through rents and hireage, not to mention saving the money it is costing to actually STORE these artifacts. PRIVATE ENTERPRISE could make these things WORK - Handouts and grants etc are a HINDERANCE, and a DISINCENTIVE. People whos livelihood depends on a business working are more prepared to WORK HARDER, be MORE CO-OPERATIVE in sharing costs with others (advertising etc) and be more pro-active in community projects than those who are GIVEN money to start a business, and who just sit there and do nothing, hoping customers will just turn up until the cash runs out. The business owners could agree on a set of covenants stating that each business must donate a certain amount of TIME every month, or an agreed Dollar amount to the village The possibilities are endless, and they are exciting to think about, so: WHY is nothing like this proposed? Why do we have no alternative to a ratepayer-funded museum? Because the powers that be are not mentally equipped to actually THINK of any way to resolve the issue OTHER THAN BY THE USE OF FORCE! It is ALL THEY KNOW! It is the ONLY way they know! And what is REALLY sad is that they are not INTERESTED in considering any alternative

They think using FORCE upon others IS GOOD, and they are RIGHT, and JUST to use it because the POWER was given them by those they insist on using it upon.

They speak of things like "doing it for the common good,' and use words like "Service" and "Sacrifice."

Well, I say that where there is sacrifice, there is someone collecting the sacrificial offerings, and where there is service, somebody is being served.
Those who speak of sacrifice are talking about Slaves and Masters, and generally consider themselves to be the MASTER, when it is in fact the OPPOSITE! They (councillors) are in office to SERVE the RATEPAYERS, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ban Jim Neanderton

The one-dimensional thinking [sic] mindless wonders are at it again! Jim Neandertons latest hobby-horse is to ban party pills - yawn -
They say you cant teach old dogs new tricks, and it is obvious that this old dog has learnt absolutely NOTHING from the same boring old tricks that have been trotted-out by interfering busybodies world-wide in the effort to stop some people doing things to their own bodies that they disapprove of! Let us just think a LITTLE BIT about the situation. First of all I must make the point that DRUGS ARE BAD. I personally abhor, and do not take mind-altering, reality-altering substances, although with the reality of Jim Neanderton as Health Minister, and Trevor Mallard as Education (or any) Minister! I have been sorely tempted to indulge in order to blot my mind of their stupidity and my contempt for them! This is how I see It The relatively harmless Party pills are legal. If you make them ILLEGAL, they will be automatically on the same par as much more harmful drugs like P. If they are made illegal, the government - or JIM NEANDERTON will INSTANTLY be handing over YET ANOTHER multi-billion dollar industry to the gangs and criminal underworld. People who still wish to take party pills - and there will be PLENTY who will according to the (grossly distorted) survey completed by Massey University (see legal party pill use) - will be forced to purchase them from un-registered dealers, gangs and crooks. Prices of Party pills will become extremely inflated due to them being illegal. The strength of the party pills will be increased in the need to be less conspicuous ( instead of a dealer having to sell and conceal multiples of 3 pills, the strength will be trippled, and so only one pill will be necessary. - Some people will still insist on taking 3 - which increases the chances of overdose etc. Unscrupulous crooks will be selling Bags of P alongside bags of party pills, and wont care which one you buy Innocent, regular everyday People will be robbed, burgled and mugged - not by people ON DRUGS, by by those who WANT DRUGS AND CANT AFFORD TO PURCHASE THEM at the artificially-inflated government prohibition prices. I predict that in DIRECT RELATION to legislation implemented by government ministers like Jim Anderton - ministers who are employed by us to PROTECT us from harm -the lives and businesses of innocent people will be be put in danger. Instead of protecting us, we will be put in danger in direct relation to such legislation Here are some of the culprits you will need to thank when this legislation is passed. Jacquie Dean: National (socialist) party Jim Neanderton: Jim First (think second) Party Barbara Stewart: NZ First Under which particular rock is it that these people have been living? How is it that people so OBLIVIOUS to what actually goes on in the real world around them can become ministers of other peoples business!

Model Citizen

Congratulations HM Craig - on the governments "model citizen" test you would score 10 out of 10!
You have listened to their propaganda and believed every word of it, and can recite it at will!
I on the other hand put more belief in facts!

A fact is a fact - reality is what it is regardless of your thoughts or wishes.

Something taken from somebody against their will is theft, no matter how you hold your tongue when you say it!

Because government call it by another name (tax) makes no difference to the fact!

Mr Craig has such a low view of peoples benevolence that he believes the only way to give people a "fair deal" (sic) is by implementing the most uncivilised actions of all - the use of force.

He believes you cannot be trusted to help other people in need, so you must be forced!

He believes we are not capable of educating our children or taking care of our health without the government doing it for us!

HM Craig states that we have police, health, education, defence and pensions funded by tax and run by government.

Every election year the things most New Zealanders are concerned about because they are in such poor shape are - yes, you guessed it - the same things!

For the same reason there is no fish and chip or grocery or car or shoe crisis, because as yet they are NOT run by the government - but I'm sure, if enough acolytes the likes of HM Craig put it to them they could fix that in no time!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Notoriety - at last!

Looks like freedom of speech really is under attack here in Godzone - just read the report posted below, as featured on Liberty Scott and NotPC.

As you will see The Tomahawk Kid gets a mention in there as well.

It is an honour and a pleasure to be placed up there alongside some of these free-thinking individuals.

In response to widespread community concern (more like Labour party officials and supporters, beneficiaries and local council bureaucrats - TTK) about the untrammelled and biased perspectives presented in New Zealand political blogs, the Minister of Information Technology, Daffid Cantlift announced that all blogs would be subject to a licensing regime and be subject to regulation by the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

“It is unfair and discriminatory for blogs to exist that can promote neo-Nazi, fundamentalist Christian, neo-liberal and other points of view without giving balanced space and time to alternatives” said Cantlift at his press conference today.
“We will be giving notice than all blogs produced and published in New Zealand will have to apply for a blogcasting licence, which will be at modest cost, putting the blog under the BSA’s jurisdiction”. Cantlift noted that while industry self regulation was an option, “the widespread hatred, lies and distortion from the right wing blogosphere was cancerous and corrosive to our democracy”, the licensing regime would ensure that blogs could not express an opinion without giving a tolerant alternative point of view. “Clearly this will not apply to informative blogs” said Cantlift, although he refused to respond to enquiries about whether he knew of such blogs he did say “blogs simply publicising what is government policy and the implications of the great problems of our day, such as climate change, would be free to continue to do their good work. These are in stark contrast to those using insulting, even blasphemous language”.
When asked what blogs were clearly causing concern, Cantlift said it was inappropriate to single any one out, so he simply listed the following:

Sir Humphrey’s

Whale Oil Beef Hooked
Oswald Bastable’s rantings
Not PC
The Free Speech blog
New Zeal

Blair Mulholland
Cactus Kate

Insolent Prick
Silent Running
Pacific Empire
Julian Pistorius
Tomahawk Kid

Elliot Who
Southern Gent

Crusader Rabbit
Andrew Falloon

Lindsay Mitchell

Monday, December 11, 2006

4 Weeks compulsory Annual Leave

Fairly recently, the government brought in a new bill which gives all company employees an extra weeks holiday. It is now compulsory for every worker to be given 4 weeks annual leave as opposed to 3. Previously, after serving I think it was 8 years, you qualified for an extra weeks leave, but now the government has made it compulsory.

Companies with a large staff, now have to find thousands of dollars extra - for no productive work - to pay their staff at holiday time.

A large company I am aware of in Tauranga are fighting back against this unjust new imposition on their livelihood.
The union are negotiating with this employer for him to apply these new demands, and because of this, He is now re-negotiating all contracts as they come up for renewall. His new terms are:
A 7-day week roster instead of 5 days. ( so instead of having Saturday and Sunday off, you may be required to work say Wednesday to Sunday - no penal rates or other allowances
No Overtime rates.
No shift allowance.
Reduced sick leave.

The staff at this company are SPEWING! - Staff Moral is at an all-time low, and I would be a most unpleasant place to work at I am sure!.

Even the staff who are not members of the union are suffering .

Instead of being able to reward productive, or loyal or deserving staff members as he sees fit, the employer is FORCED to reward ALL employees the same.

Due to the strain placed oh his finances he is unable to do this now, and as he has done in the past.

Several non-union members have asked for pay rises, and they have been turned down until negotiations with the union have been sorted out.

But who can blame the employer?

I don't!

His had has been forced by the government interfering in how he runs his business.

He is taking measures to recoup the EXTRA money he has been forced to pay out - who knows - these extra demands on his income may place his business in a sink or swim situation.

It is not like it is a small amount either - his wage bill would add up to thousands.

This particular employer has been in business for many years and is well known to be a very fair and great boss, and these things appear to me to be way out of character for him.

All I can say is that I am on his side - and good on him.

Unfortunately he probably doesn't see it the same way as I do, and probably puts the blame on the unions, or something.
The staff members are all pissed off with their employer, blaming him, and telling all their friends and relatives what an ogre and bad employer he is. They all feel very angry that he can treat his workers so poorly. The staunch labour lefties are blaming the capitalist bastards and big business.
The blame is being fired around left right and centre, and the REAL perpetrators of the crime ARE GETTING OFF SCOTT FREE

Friday, December 08, 2006

Alchohol and prohibition

Here is a letter to the BOP Times from P. Thomas - a writer with seriously deluded ideas of what the GOVERNMENT needs to do to fix the achohol problem in this country,
This from P Thomas: - (italics MY thoughts on the matter)

One of the reasons for this countrys drinking culture is that alcohol is so easily obtainable and so cheap.
[drugs are ILLEGAL and EXPENSIVE, and We STILL have an equally horrendous drug problem - total prohibition has done NOTHING apart from making drugs stronger and smaller - more concentrated, and more dangerous to take AND procure, so that BLOWS THAT THEORY)

. . . if alchohol were less affordable it would become a luxury item instead of a grocery item.
I don't have an alcohol problem! - why must I be penalised because somebody else has?

Every parent knows that the best way to keep the kids out of the lolly jar is to put it up on the top shelf out of reach.
Since WHEN did putting the lolly jar on the top shelf ever stop a determined CHILD, let alone a free-thinking adult from getting something they are determined to have?
You can even get drugs in JAIL, so how on earth do you expect to stop people using them in the free world if you cant even stop the getting into JAILS!

Does the NZ Government have the bottle to tax the liquour industry?
YES, and when they DO, and they get the results I predict, they will start pointing the finger and laying the blame for those results on everything but the REAL cause of the problem - government interference in the lives of the individuals

. . . perhaps 100 or so teenagers killing themselves in cars might be thought expendable for the sake of an export industry.

. . . is it possible that a hefty tax on the liquour industry would cut down on teenage drinking and go towards paying for a sports stadium at the same time
NO, it is NOT possible! What is entirely PROBABLE is that teenagers and others will find more ILLEGAL and DEVIOUS ways to get what they want - as for the the thing about the sports stadium - PLEASE what is it with people that can see no alternatives to the use of FORCE to resolve these kinds of issues, when it is the use of FORCE that actually CREATES THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Here is my letter to the BOP Times in response

If it were possible to cure the world's woes by wishing, hoping and praying, then I am sure it would have been done long before now. The following words spring to mind after reading the letter from P Thomas, who misguidedly believes higher government taxes on alcohol will reduce the associated problems. "Those who have failed to learn from history are destined to repeat it!"
The problem with prohibition and higher taxes is that it creates more and worse problems. Take drugs for example. The multi-million dollar war on drugs is responsible for more theft, murder and crime perpetrated on innocent people than if drugs were legal! Prohibition is responsible for illegal drugs being more potent and concentrated and far more dangerous than if they were legal! If alcohol was banned or made more expensive via govt tax, I predict more robberies, more home invasions, and more death by alchoholic poisoning by people resorting to consuming potent home brewed beverages like pucheen or meths etc. Force and bully tactics by govt can not, has not and never will stop people committing crimes against themselves. Instead I suggest making people more responsible for their own actions, and the penalties for those committing crimes against others more severe!