Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Good for you Tauranga councillor Rick Curach

I salute Rick Curach for suggesting the new council chief executive slash 3 million dollars from rates. although I say he doesnt go far enough!

3 million this year, and 3 million for each consecutive year untill everything but the essential services are left, leaving council the opportunity to concentrate on providing quality essential services.

This will save them from robbing individuals at gunpoint (under threat of force) to pay for things they do not voluntarilly wish to pay for. Leaving YOU with the money that you earn, to spend on things that you value - ie art galleries, libraries, concerts and sports.

Those vociferous in opposition to such a move are probably those whose livelihood is most expendable.
If ratepayers were allowed to spend their own money on things they wanted, the majority (ie those you all think are the only ones who have rights) would get what they want anyway because they would have the money to pay for it, and the minority (those whose rights you would destroy in a vote) would still have their own money in their pockets to spend on things they value.

The system you all seem to blindly adhere to (because you are  not taught there is an alternative) is corrupt and immorral.