Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Seaweed Problem

A recent editorial in the BOP Times laments about the stench of seaweed on the local beaches, and how the children of one family living on the waterfront are getting sick because of it.

I agree that it does smell, and looks very unsightly, and those are two reasons why I dont have a house along the waterfront ( not to mention the economic reason).

However, what I do disagree with is the writer of this editorial saying WE need to hurry up and invest in a plan to get rid of it.

Here is my response to this:

In saying "we" need to invest in a plan, I hope you don't mean "council?"

The council are NOT (contrary to popular belief) some group of superhuman superheroes, sitting on a mountain of gold who can be called upon to fix every problem at the whim of every group of people that moan loudly and frequently enough!

Council are a hydra-headed monster that needs feeding - and it eats money - lots of money!
The more you demand they do, the more you have to feed them.

They THRIVE on this immoral belief that they are there to fix every conceivable problem - it keeps them all employed. The more you demand they do, the more they will hold you down and go through you pockets.

We need less council interference in our lives not MORE.

When some entrepreneur comes up with a use for seaweed, lets hope council will allow them free access to it, by cutting red tape and consent procedures etc.

Perhaps the council could search for interested parties to take it away, and allow them access to it.
Perhaps they could run a competition for the removal of it, with the prize being free consent and resource management fees, and free access to the resource in the future, or something of this nature. What about the use of a piece of land to dump it on - anything that does not include the further rape of the ratepayers