Thursday, September 28, 2006

What obesity epidemic?

If you are a lazy bastard, here is a much easier way to fight the obesity epidemic - no more crappy diets, no more strenuous exercise programes - eat all the junk food you want and STILL look GREAT in every photograph.

What dickhead came up with THIS idea? -

This camera is a must for every FAT PERSON!

The camera every Darts Team shouldn't be without!

Hey Hey Hey - its Thin Albert!

Winston WHO?

Mamma WHO?

Who ate all the pies? - Nobody around HERE!

THIN Domino!

Thats Weight Watchers out of business!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Wanganui Water Tower

More Cool Wanganui Architecture

Wanganui Architecture

I went to Wanganui on the weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed myself!
It really brought home what a boring, culture-less place Tauranga is!
One of the things I enjoyed the most was the architecture of the place - not only some of the loveliest private colonial homes and villas that I have see, but all the old buildings and shops in town were amazing.
Now, it is no secret to readers of this blog that I particularly enjoy a lot of 1970's stuff, and architecture is no different, and there are some really nice, interesting examples of that in Wanganui also.
Unfortunately, just like 1970's wallpapers, there are a lot of really CRAP examples also. Now the house I am posting here is one I am not really sure how to categorise! - I can't make up my mind if it's just "interesting" or CRAP.
Sometimes things just seem "right" - or have some special "balance" or "Inbalance." It points to me that the designer either "got it" or "nailed it" as opposed to "not-quite getting it" or couldn't decide on how to solve a problem" OR the situation that is MOST LIKELY, the CLIENT said ooooh yes, I love EVERYTHING . . . only can you make those round windows SQUARE with POINTY ROOFES!" (as I reckon was the case with THIS house)
Now, Howard Roarke would have told the client to get stuffed, but THIS architect buckled, and look at the mess - on display for the world to witness!
I am not saying this IS the case, because it may NOT be! - don't forget, they had a lot of seriously good drugs back then, and this particular architect . . . well . . . let's not go there! What do YOU think?
There is no doubt to me that it sits on the site nicely, and it makes a hell of a statement perched there on the edge of the hill up there, and it is witness to a fabulous view (see the other picture), but what were they thinking with those bloody square boxes with pointy roofes! What do YOU reckon?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

More government. More programmes. More violence.

Here is another blatant "Cut and Paste" article direct from NotPC Blog.

What is the point in re-inventing the wheel? - I mean PC has explained it so well here that it would be a waste of time. I thought this such a good example that I wanted to share it with my readers as well.

TVNZ: South Auckland violence tackled

The government has launched a plan to take on South Auckland's street violence problem. It comes as three teenagers faced court following the latest killing on Sunday morning... It is the seventh homicide in South Auckland in just three months... A 26-point action plan to tackle the problem has been unveiled by the ministries of Education, Justice and Social Development, local councils and police.

Let me give you something to think about: No part of New Zealand has had more government than South Auckland.

Most of South Auckland is government-planned, government-designed, and built with government money -- and every new problem attracts more government action plans and even more "resources."

Government houses fill the suburbs, people overwhelmingly on government benefits fill them, children go to government schools where the latest fashionable government curricula and government educational programmes are delivered, and (if anecdotal evidence is correct) there are more government programmes, government plans, government agencies, and government-employed welfare agents per-square kilometre than anywhere else in the country outside parliament and its surrounds.

The result has been catastrophic. - And you guessed it - they are promising MORE OF THE SAME

Might I invite readers to have a really good, hard think about that.

LINKS: The warrior culture of South Auckland, Part 1 - Not PC (October, 2005)
Mangere Brown - Not PC (July, 2006)

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Good radio

Libertarian Lindsay Perigo and Maori activist Willie Jackson are on Radio Live together for two weeks. As co-hosts. I can see the steam coming out of the studio from here.

Tune in from midday until 3pm

LINK: Radio Live

I tuned in on Tuesday, and predict it will be the LONGEST, HARDEST weeks WORK Mr Perigo would have done in a very long time!

I was EXHAUSTED after only a short period of listening to them at each others throats.

Willie Jackson has a red hammer and sicle tattooed on his FOREHEAD, and I cant listen to HIM for too long (not to mention his off-key singing during the intro! although I'm sure Willie would debate THAT AS WELL)

If Mr Perigo wanted a challenge then he sure has got it being plunged into this particular left-worshipping time-slot.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Thieves, Dictators and Communists

I just had this letter published in the BOP Times (snide remarks to the editor-and-all!)

There is a major lawsuit happening in this country at the moment where the leader of the Libertarianz (oops - there's that word you don't like to print!) is suing the prime minister, and members of the Labour party over misappropriation of funds, and I was wondering why there is no mention of THIS fact in the Bay of Plenty Times?

The prime minister is bleating about there being some right wing conspiracy happening, and where are the Libertarianz getting the money from to fund this lawsuit. Well, I would like to inform your readers (seeing as you are not!) that first of all that Libertarianz are as opposed to the principle-less politics of the theiving left wing as they are to the unprincipled, theiving politics of the right, and are in no way in cahoots with either, and it is about time our so-called leader understood this simple fact.

Second (and most importantly) the funds for the Libertarianz lawsuit have been "given - donated" FREELY by members of the public - whereas the money Labour used to fund the pledge card was STOLEN.

In a democracy the PEOPLE elect the Parliament, and the Parliament decides how the money should be spent.

This is one of the major diferences between US and communist countries.

In a DICTATORSHIP the government does WHATEVER IT LIKES and ignores the wishes of the people and Parliament.

Labour needs to decide which system it prefers - not that they haven't made it quite clear!


Looks like Racism, Smells Like Racism - Hhhmmm - I wonder what it could be
Recently Environment Bay Of Plenty were advertising that they have several COMPULSORY MAORI SEATS to fill on their board.

Here is my letter concerning this issue.
If I were a member of a specific cultural group that was targeted, and

given special treatment because we were not intelligent enough or not
skilled enough to achieve a certain position in politics or the arts or
local government, I would be incensed!

If I was interested in achieving
that position, I would go all out to prove to those patronising creeps that I "am" intelligent enough, and that I "do" have the skills.
believe that environment BOP "GIVING" seats to Maori - the only
qualification required being they have a certain skin colour and not
the capacity to use their BRAIN is a terrible injustice to the Maori
Environment BOP, and all the other politically correct

bureaucrats should cease this demeaning, racist, separatist practice
immediately. Offer a full apology to all New Zealanders, and re-offer
these seats up to be competed for on "merit."

Maori are proud,
intelligent people who do not need, and should not be given
preferential treatment. This is a slurr on our society, and I am
ashamed of the perpetrators of such mindless racism.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Universe but Not as we know it

I just received this set of pictures the other day, and thought it worth sharing. - sure puts things in perspective Huh!

It arrived at the same time as I learnt another interesting piece of information on the same subject.
I dont know where I was on the day they learnt about the Planets and the solar system at school - probably out kicking a football around I guess

Anyway - I have JUST learnt about the 9 planets in the solar system, and a little memory word game thing to help remember them! - Better LATE than NEVER I suppose.

THE ACRONYM (or whatever it is!)

My Very Early Model Jalopy Still Uses Neptunes Petrol =










Monday, September 11, 2006

A Few More Tobacco Facts

In the Bay of Plenty Times on Monday 11th September, there was an article in the Healthy Living section headed up Tobacco Facts 2005. They missed out a few very IMPORTANT ones, so I thought I would add them here just to set the record straight. (this from a NON smoker)
1. Despite huge taxes on tobacco to attempt to stop people doing what they chose with their own bodies, one in every two Maori STILL chose to smoke! (Those price increases sure do work eh?)
2. Despite, and to the detriment of their health, income, and the livelihood of their dependents, people on low incomes, and beneficiaries STILL chose to purchase cigarettes despite outrageous government taxes! (I get it! They put cigarettes up, so they get more of their benefits back again! - and I thought they were supposed to be CLOSING the gaps!)

3. Despite being totally innocent, the lives and livelihood of numerouse private businesses in the Tauranga area alone have been destroyed by thieves who have broken into, or held them up with firearms to steal tobacco "soleley due to exhorbitant government taxes. (victims penalised again)

4. People in lower socio-economic groups still have the highest number of smokers! (Oh, so it’s NOT the COST of cigarettes that stops people from smoking - it is their ability to use their brain to THINK, or process the information they receive. So tell me, why do they KEEP putting the PRICES UP?) People who have lots of money are intelligent because they chose not to smoke, while those who DONT have much money are stupid and smoke more - Is that what the stats say?

5. People who want to smoke, will still smoke no matter how expensive they , WHAT the government thinks about it, or how much money the government rape from them in tax. (read your history books! - Prohibition never did, and never WILL work - ie the booze ban in the 20's and marijuana prohibition and the senseless WAR ON DRUGS TODAY)
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and again, but expecting a different result!s! The lunatics have taken over the asylum!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

My Kidney Is Going To HELL

I came across a site the other day quite by chance - it was from a link relating to a post on the NotPC Blog.

Anyway, I read the the funniest article that made me laugh and laugh.

I was so inspired by the stupidity of the situation that I wrote a song about it.

First check out the story but WAIT! - If you are a particularly religious persuasion STOP RIGHT THERE! - unless you have a sense of humour that is.

The song is entitled
My Kidney is Going to HELL
It is a bit of a country feel much in the vein of "Hot Rod Lincoln," or the Hoodu Gurus song "Hayride To Hell."

Here it is!

Well A good samaritan Tupelo girl
Aleta Smith, was all awhirl
a self described on fire christian
gave her kidney to a teacher, needin fixin'

Hannah Felks was the teacher in question
who needed the kidney that we mention
She looked Aleta squarely in the eye
and said without a kidney I’m surely gonna die

Now as she had two, Smith could afford

To help a sister in the lord
So off she whent to her grandfathers chest
And gave her a kidney of the very very best

Now after she found she was in remission
Hannah embarked on a spiritual mission
and left christianity on the shelf
to find the truth out for herself

When Smith found out she was not amused
about how her kidney was being abused
so she got on the phone and tried to talk her round
to reconvert on any grounds

And return the organ to its previous shell
cos I dont want my kidney going to hell
It was donated under false pretenses
an espresso had robbed me of my senses

But Hannah had become quite attached To the kidney
is what she told aleta on the phone from Sydney
I feel a little sad for Aleta
Is what she told her in a letter

But now a kidneys not like a common old liver
And I dont mean to be no Indian giver
Im praying that youll give it back again
It belongs to the lord - It'll never be Pagan

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Izett OK? The Answer is NO!

No sooner had the ink dried on the latest issue of the very good FREE local weekend newspaper "THE WEEKED SUN" when I received an anonymous letter in the post.

Im not bothered about receiving these letters, although its quite funny - I get about 2 phone calls a week from people who AGREE with my letters in the paper - only I get the odd ANONYMOUS letter from people who DISAGREE.
ANYWAY, it says:

For goodness sake grow up and stop hassling that gentleman Mr Izett who writes excellent letters, states facts and his opinions, which he is entitled to do in this democratic society, but YOU (you nasty man) pick on him for NO GOOD REASON - just back off - he has done you no harm after all! (Mr Izett wants to use FORCE to stop me from doing things I want - to ME THIS IS HARM. He also wants the government to MURDER people on HIS behalf - this is ALSO HARM! - - see previous post a couple of days ago)

As he says in his last letter what mayhem there would be if there were no rules or regulations. (Who is asking for no rules and regulations? Not Me! I want a safe place to live in as much as Mr Izett does, only I believe there is a more civilised way of achieving it than getting government to BEAT EVERYBODY with a big STICK) He does not pick on you, (oh yes he does - and EVERYBODY ELSE that doesnt hold the same opinion as he does!) but rightly does when you attack him!, (so your DeMOCRACY doesnt allow people to defend their rights and themselves then? - oh, jolly good then - go ahead and take everything you want old chap!) so CALM DOWN AND GET A LIFE!
Signed Anonymous.

Well, What can I say!
- Here is my letter to the newspaper, although I doubt it will get published.

Dear anonymous letter writer.
You write to me and say "grow up and stop harassing Mr Izett who always states facts and his opinions which he is entitled to do in this democratic country!" Why is he allowed to say things that could stop me enjoying MY life, yet I can say nothing to defend myself? Mr Izett in his irrational statements is attacking ME and my life - not the other way around!

I repeat, I do not pick on anybody in particular for "no good reason" as you say, only those who say STUPID and unpricipled things, and those who think it is ok to interfere in MY life.

Why do you and Mr Izett not understand that calling for council or government to prevent me or others (with the use of force) from doing with our lives what we want is an act of agression. Mr Izett does this on a regular basis, and now there is YOU!

The "democracy" that gives you and Mr Izett the opportunity to say stupid things, is the same democracy that allows "me" the right of reply.

You also tell me to "get a life!" Well, I have a very nice life thank you very much for caring, and I would like to keep it that way, that is why I find it necessary to defend it from interfering people like yourself and Mr Izett who would take it away from me!

Mr Izett wants government to stop me from enoying boxing, speedway, and smoking (non of which I actually participate or enjoy, but that is not the point!)

What is it that little old men or ladies enjoy doing? I bet you would be screaming blue murder if Mr Izett's next letter wanted to ban bowls or Knitting.

If you and Mr Izettt and anybody else who wants a say in how I live my life promise to leave me alone, and stop telling me what I may or may not enjoy in life, I promise I wont pick on you any more, but as long as you insist on dictating what I can and cannot do with my life, it is "OPEN SEASON."