Saturday, October 19, 2013

New Tauranga councillors will fail just like the old ones did

I am writing this blog entry a week or so after the local body elections.
I am writing it for the following reason.
WHEN - not "if" but "when" the latest bunch of new councillors fail, and are held in as much distain  as the previous councillors who were voted out, I want it to be recorded as saying "I told you so!"
These new "younger voices" and people with "fresh new ideas" are as morally and philosophically bankrupt as the previous councillors who the Tauranga population berated, and who were voted off council.
These new councillors will fail for the same reasons as the previous bunch, and will continue to disappoint the ratepayers, and continue the out of control debt that was one of the main concerns of the ratepayers.
In 3 years time when we have a repeat of the recent situation, I want to be able to say I predicted it, and to say that you got what you deserved.
Less than a week out, and there is talk of a new library and the museum situation has been raised again - no doubt to try and persuade the newbies into spending up large ratepayers money to those who scream the loudest, not to mention the Hairy McLeary statues debacle and  Entertainment events funding.

The local election is simply an advanced auction of stolen goods (ratepayers money), and it makes me sick.
In my opinion, the council should be responsible for CORE SERVICES ONLY, leaving everything else to community groups, charity organisations,  entrepreneurs and private enterprise.
It is not the councils job to have GOOD IDEAS, or FRESH THINKING, or YOUNG VOICES to deliver things that the younger generation demand - they are as morally bankrupt as the older generation, and no different.
If young people WANT STUFF (or OLD people for that matter), then let them get off their arses and DO IT, fund raise, form groups, find sponsorships etc - not plead and Beg to the council to provide it for them.


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